Starting My Own Business Website

Helping people has always been something I love to do.  I love people and I love being part of the journey of others to thrive.  So, why was it so difficult for me to start my very own website?  I sat for hours at my computer just staring at the screen not knowing how to begin to write about myself in short complete phrases.  When my clients visit me, I have no problem sharing with them, but this website project has proven to me that maybe I can’t see myself.  Not wanting to be a victim to this, I set out to force myself into this activity of “displaying Angel”   Who is she?  What does she stand for?  How do others see her?  The sheer act of being an Innovative Therapist who can change like the wind to find the remedy to help others was the same problem that was not allowing me to fit my description of myself into a widget!   How tiresome!  However, with the aid of my good friend and amazing client, Jodi, I was able to finally tackle my issues.   Building this website has taught me to prioritize and begin to look at ways to talk about what I do more clearly and precisely by making me use what I like to call “power words”  without further explanation.  It was both frightening and alarmingly calming.  Oxymoron?  Yes, but this experience is one I will use with my clients and I am grateful for it.  I hope to learn to share more of my experiences with my clients and visitors to my site, and continue to sharpen and build the “Power” behind the words to adequately describe the Love I feel every day working with people I care so much about.

May your Today be the Tomorrow you dreamed about…



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